In-Contact bookings system

'In-Contact' - a complete bookings system for your company

In-Contact allows you to take bookings over the phone, in person or through your own website.

This means you can have staff take or amend bookings whilst your website also simultaneously takes bookings.

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Help from the start

Trying to get a new booking system in place can be very confusing. We help you from the start and guide you through the whole process.

You describe to us what you are after and then we configure it for you.

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Minimal effort to evaluate

Minimal effort to evaluate

Simply phone us or email us with your own requirements. We'll configure everything for you and then you try it out

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Phone support

Phone support as standard.

Whatever system you buy from us it includes full UK phone support as well as email support.

Phone support is particularly useful when setting up the system and getting it how you want. Once it's up and running you can still call us on the same number for technical support

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UK based

Fully UK based.

We are a UK company based in Chelmsford, Essex. All our developement is done here, and our sales and support staff are all based here too.

This means we understand pounds and pence, VAT, Revenue and Customs, British Summer Time and we work in your time zone.

UK based

No software to install

In-Contact runs as a service on the internet. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

In-Contact works on desktops, PCs, macs, iPads, tablets and mobile phones.

Credit and debit card processing

Instant credit and debit card payments

Bookings can be paid for immediately by taking payment through the integrated fully PCI DSS compliant payment processor.

We can either set one up for you or link to your existing credit card provider

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So what features does 'In-Contact' have to offer?

It may sound great so far, but you'll need to know it has all the features you need to organise your bookings

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